Fall Recap, Part 1

I’ve been terrible about keeping up with my blog this Fall! I apologize, but life has been pretty hectic. Now that my fiancé is out here and the wedding is getting closer, it’s become crunch time. But, despite all the craziness, I have still been able to get in some fun shoots.

I’m breaking my Fall recap into two posts. The 2nd post will be all Stoli photos, since I seem to have a million of those. This one will be certainly more eclectic!

Things have been so busy, I’m not sure where to start!

In September I photographed a wedding here in Columbus with the amazing Mrs. Anneka DeJong. It had been quite a while since my last wedding and I was a bit nervous, but the couple was great to work with and it ended up being a lot of fun! The ceremony and reception were at the Grand Valley Dale Ballroom. These are just a couple of my shots from the day. Its hard to pick just a few to show!

Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer © Holly Hildreth

Father/Daughter Dance ©Holly Hildreth 2013

Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer © Holly Hildreth

Father/Daughter Dance © Holly Hildreth 2013

Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer © Holly Hildreth

Cake Cutting © Holly Hildreth 2013

Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer © Holly Hildreth

The First Dance © Holly Hildreth 2013

Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer © Holly Hildreth

The First kiss © Holly Hildreth 2013

Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer © Holly Hildreth

The beautiful bride © Holly Hildreth 2013

I also had the opportunity to photograph a former coworker’s daughter, Peyton, for her 3rd birthday. We headed to Westerville’s Inniswood Metro Park and got some nice shots with the fall foliage.

Columbus Ohio Photographer © Holly Hildreth 2013

©Holly Hildreth 2013

Columbus Ohio Photographer © Holly Hildreth 2013

©Holly Hildreth 2013

Columbus Ohio Photographer © Holly Hildreth 2013

©Holly Hildreth 2013

Of course I kept busy photographing basically anything and everything that caught my eye this Fall. I have entirely too many photos to choose from for this post, so this is just a little taste of what I was up to.

Carolina Mantis

Female Carolina Praying Mantis I found on my window © Holly Hildreth 2013

Carolina Mantis

©Holly Hildreth 2013

Westerville Ohio Photography

Inniswood Metro Park ©Holly Hildreth 2013

Also now that Andy is out here with me, I have someone to accompany me on adventures. There were lots of things I wanted to try out here, but never got around to, because they were not as fun to do alone. One thing I had been really wanting to see was Hocking Hills. Hocking Hills is a state Park that is Southeast of Columbus, in an area of Ohio that is considered to be a part of the Appalachians. It’s not mountainous, but definitely hilly country with tons of photo opportunities.

Hocking Hills photography

Devil’s Bathtub, Hocking Hills, Ohio ©Holly Hildreth 2013

Hocking Hills

©Holly Hildreth 2013

©Holly Hildreth 2013

My hiking buddies! © Holly Hildreth 2013

Hocking Hills

© Holly Hildreth 2013

©Holly Hildreth 2013

© Holly Hildreth 2013

The seasons change came way too fast for me. I hardly got in any Fall photos because I was so busy with everything else, but I made sure to get out there a few times anyway. Every year my mom asks for a  calendar of my photography for Christmas. Keeping that in mind throughout the year is always helpful in getting me out to take some scenic shots–that way come December I’m not scouring my hard drives, looking for something that could work.

©Holly Hildreth 2013

Outside our Condo © Holly Hildreth 2013

Sharon Woods Metro Park

Sharon Woods Metro Park © Holly Hildreth 2013

©Holly Hildreth 2013

Westerville Bike trail © Holly Hildreth 2013

Westerville Ohio Photographer

Everal Barn, Westerville, Ohio © Holly Hildreth 2013

Westerville Ohio Photography

Westerville © Holly Hildreth 2013

©Holly Hildreth 2013

©Holly Hildreth 2013

One last piece of good news: My SIXTH Hallmark card is on sale online currently. It can be purchase HERE

Here’s a sneak peak!

Holly Hildreth Hallmark Card

Stay tuned for Part 2, coming soon! It’s bound to be chock-full-o’-cuteness and Stoli photos!

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Spring has Sprung

I named this blog post “Spring has Sprung,” as I feel like I have been really busy photographing all the seasonal flora around lately, but perhaps a more accurate title should have been, “Hey, I’ve totally been slacking with this blog, so here’s 4 months’ worth of Stoli photos”.

I’ve been extremely busy with work and wedding planning these last couple of months. With the wedding, I am actually really far ahead of schedule. That’s one good thing about being 1,000 miles away from everyone you know–you have all the time in the world to plan with no distractions. I have the wedding and reception venues as well as a photographer booked (Photographer was obviously the most important part, haha), I hand made all the table decorations, and most recently bought my wedding dress!!

My parents came out to visit me earlier this spring. It was great to see them again, and I didn’t realize how much I missed my mom’s cooking! They were only in town for four days, so we didn’t get a ton of time to hang out, but it was still nice to be together again. They loved the Ohio weather (it was cold–50-60 degrees everyday, but they left snow to come out here, so they were sweating while I was in my winter coat still!) I took them to Inniswood Metro Park one nice evening and they walked around with me while I took some spring foliage photos.

Tulips © Holly Hildreth 2013

Tulips © Holly Hildreth 2013











Besides photographing the spring flowers, I have been trying to shoot other subjects to widen my portfolio. I still don’t really know anyone out here, so Stoli is usually my go-to model. I recently discovered a dog park about a 1/2 mile from my house, so I started taking Stoli (and my camera) there after work a few nights a week. I always get the weirdest looks from people there, but it’s fun and challenging to try and photograph new dogs.






German Shepherd © Holly Hildreth 2013


I’ve also started volunteering to photograph homeless animals at the local shelter. It can be quite challenging as some of the animals are feral or came from abusive situations. I am happy to do what I can though, to help them get adopted. Plus, it makes me really thankful to have such a patient model waiting for me at home!




And of COURSE I have been photographing Stoli, and he’s been taking it like a champ. I’m sure there’s a large amount of people who think I’m the “crazy dog lady” because of all the photos I take of Stoli. The thing is Stoli loves it (he thinks it’s his job,) and it’s a huge stress reliever for me, so I’ll keep on doing it!












Our Mock "Save-the-Date" cards. My Fiance wasn't too impressed, but the Stoli was just too cute, so I had to share

Our Mock “Save-the-Date” cards. My Fiance wasn’t too impressed to see a giant picture of Stoli rather than us, but I thought was just too cute, so I had to share





Stoli’s faster than a speeding corn dog.

One other piece of good news: I have another Hallmark Card! I don’t know for sure when it’s coming out, so I will pass the details on to you later, but I know for sure it’ll be available to buy online this Summer. As far as an in-store date, I am unsure. They haven’t told me whether it’ll be distributed in stores yet, so I’ll keep you posted.

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