Stoli’s First Halloween

Let me preface this post by first saying that I am not someone who likes to dress up their pets. I don’t really see the appeal in it and I always feel bad for the poor dogs and cats that have to suffer through their owners cross-dressing them in some God-awful Christmas sweater or little ballerina skirt. Something about it just screams maladjusted shut in to me, haha. Anyway, boyfriend and I are going to a Halloween party at our friend, Charlene’s house on Friday. Stoli and her dog, Monty, are little puppy pals, and so Char told us we could bring Stoli over, but it’s a costume exclusive party. So we decided that it would be time to dress Stoli up. Not just any costume would do, however. Only the finest for our “little gentlemen”. Boyfriend and I decided a nice tuxedo with coat tails would look great on our regal corgi. We tried the tux out, but it seems to be entirely too small for him! The website said that a full grown pug would fit into it, but Stoli’s only a 5 1/2 month old corgi puppy who only weighs in around 12 pounds. We gave the costume a test run outside today and played around while raking the leaves. Here are a few shots of him looking like the most sophisticated corgi you’ve ever seen. (Also, just a word of warning, I was trying to shoot for my “dutch angle” assignment for Materials and Processes, so if you noticed an excessive use of the 45 degree camera tilt, that’s why. I personally am not a fan and think Dutch angle is lame, but that’s just me.)