Madness? NO! This is STUDIO!

As I’m sure you’re all aware, I am NOT a studio person. Everything about it bugs me. My style is completely photojournalistic, and I love to be on location capturing the action, not locked in a hot, cramped studio on the 3rd floor of Grinstead. Our latest studio assignment was all about learning how to properly light metal. Most people did the usual: necklaces, candle holders, etc. I decided to light some dinosaurs I got at Hobby Lobby in Independence. Here are some results.

On another note, we’re going on to week 10 on Monday, which means we’re more than half way done. Soon there will be no more studio for me!!



Creative HDR

This was my first shot at HDR photography for my Creative class. For those of you who may be reading and don’t know, HDR is “High Dynamic Range” photography, which is a process where you combine multiple shots at different exposures so you get much more contrast and color than you would with a regular photo.

My HDR experience was cut short due to my lens falling on the street and breaking. So, this is the best shot I had while my lens was still intact.