Stoli and the Cat, Part II

I think Curry’s house seems to draw stray animals from around the neighborhood. ( I have noticed that Missouri people aren’t exactly the most, er, “protective” (for lack of better word) of pet owners. They have no problem letting their animals roam free through the streets and neighborhoods.) Anyway, the cat came back today. We’re pretty sure it belongs to the neighbors, because it’s always around. Stoli tried making friends again. He always gets so excited. He really reminds me of a little kid. He tries to see how close he can get to the cat before he gets a swat from her. Anyway, I hadn’t shot since Saturday, so I figured it was time to get the camera out and make some images. I know they’re not super amazing photos, but I’m just trying to remain active with my shooting. Again, I’m sorry for so posting so many pictures of Stoli!