Wedding/Location Assignment #5-Location Q-Flash shoot

For Assignment #5, I was still in Iowa, so I decided to have my sister, Kristin Kapusinski model for me. It’s quite cold up here still, so it was tough to get a good shoot in without the batteries dying immediately, and it’s also hard to shoot when you can’t feel your fingers. We mostly shot on Cedar Lane and at the Waverly Ski Club. Here are a few shots from the session. You can see all the proofs by visiting my Flickr slideshow.

Flickr Slideshow


Wedding & Location: Assignment #1

For wedding and location class, we were supposed to shoot a session like senior pictures. Since I know no Warrensburg seniors, I had my classmate, Andrew Mather, come along for a photo shoot. I am used to photographing girls, who are inherently easier to photograph b/c they seem to be easier to pose and much easier to get to smile. Anyway, we shot around Warrensburg, and I tried using a flash unit for the first time. I checked out a Canon 580x flash, and struggled to figure it out. I have never used a flash unit on a photo shoot before so it was completely foreign to me. Needles to say, I didn’t have very good luck with the thing. Anyway, here are a few shots from this evening’s shoot.

Here’s a link to the flickr slideshow, with many more photos: