Let it Snow

We here in Missouri have been lucky so far this year. We have only had one snow, and most of it was gone by a day or two later. I had a VERY cold and snowy Christmas break in Iowa, and I was definitely looking forward to the warmer weather back down here. Afterall, I had friends bragging about it being in the upper 60’s while I was back home. Well that whole story changed when I got back to Missouri. On the first day of school (1-10-11,) all afternoon classes were cancelled because of a big snow storm moving into the KC Metro area. This morning all morning classes were cancelled, because people in Missouri really don’t know how to handle the snow. I think we ended up with around 6 inches according to the reports. I found it funny, because back when I was going to school in Iowa, 6 inches was a walk in the park. We still had school and carried on like it was no big deal. Not down here! As soon as a flake touches down people lose it. Granted the roads are slick (because they don’t properly remove snow,) and no one had shoveled yet, even though it’s been done snowing for 20 hours now

Anyway, this is the first real measurable snowfall we’ve gotten this year, so I was excited to see what Stoli would do. As you remember, from a previous post: (See:Stoli’s Winter Wonderland) Stoli had mixed reactions to the snow. At first he was terrified, but then he loved it. Well introducing Stoli to the snow this time was just as amusing. He went NUTS! he zoomed around the yard doing figure 8’s with his mouth open collecting snow. He would then find a place where the snow was deep and dig himself a hole to lay in, and then cover himself up with snow. He’d wait until I got close and then he’d pop out and run away. He was also a fan of trying to catch the snow my boots kicked up as I walked through the yard. We’ll probably have to buy a sweater or something for him because he likes to roll in the snow and is usually covered by the time he goes inside.

Here are a few shots of Stoli’s snow escapade this afternoon.

Wedding/Location Assignment #5-Location Q-Flash shoot

For Assignment #5, I was still in Iowa, so I decided to have my sister, Kristin Kapusinski model for me. It’s quite cold up here still, so it was tough to get a good shoot in without the batteries dying immediately, and it’s also hard to shoot when you can’t feel your fingers. We mostly shot on Cedar Lane and at the Waverly Ski Club. Here are a few shots from the session. You can see all the proofs by visiting my Flickr slideshow.

Flickr Slideshow


November at the Zoo

This Saturday I decided to visit the Kansas City Zoo again. I’m trying to build up a collection of work for mid-program next semester. For mid-program, you have to pick a specific area that you want to go into and then make around 25 prints of your absolute best work, and then present it to a jury of the professors of the college. From there they interview you and determine whether you can pass and stay in the program. Usually I put things off until the last second, but I didn’t want to have to make a million trips up to Kansas City in the dead of winter, so I decided to work ahead.

Initially while shooting, I didn’t think I had very many good images at all. The zoo was crowded and there were masses of inconsiderate people (lots of children) who think it’s okay to push someone with an expensive camera out of the way or body check them while they’re walking. This is why I’m not a people person! After I got home and looked at the images, I realize I had a lot better ones than I have previous thought.

I didn’t get as many images of the animals that I usually like as normal. I have a tendency to hover around the big cats. Tigers are my favorite zoo animal, so I typically spend a large amount of time at their cage as well as the leopard, lions, serval, etc. This time the best shots I got were with the birds. Normally I usually pass up birds, because I don’t find them that interesting. I usually think a roaring lion makes a much more dynamic image than some parrot sitting on a branch. It must have been my lucky day, because I got some great shots of the birds at the zoo.

I took a different route through the zoo this time. I tried to do the Africa section first this time. Usually when I get to Africa, I have been at the zoo for 3-4 hours already and my feet are tired and I’m ready to be done. I thin this new touring tactic lead me to spend more time at the animals I don’t usually shoot that much.

All in all I’m ready to go to a new zoo. The Kansas City Zoo is nice, and I’m really grateful to be so close to a zoo, but having been to other zoos, like Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo, it seems really small. I would love to take a trip to Omaha or St. Louis and explore what they have to offer in the not-so-distant future.

Anyway, here are the images. Be sure to check out my flickr slideshow for all the proofs from the shoot. What’s on my blog is only a small sampling of what I have to offer.

Click Here for the Flickr Slideshow for the slideshow

Kansas City Zoo Revisited

Last year I visited the Kansas City Zoo with my camera a few times, but I hadn’t been back in ages. I had been trying to get back for about a month, but every weekend something came up. Either the weather wouldn’t cooperate, I couldn’t get the 300mm lens checked out from the school, or I was sick. Finally this weekend I had the opportunity. I went up to Liberty to meet my family for lunch. (They were on their way back from my cousin’s wedding in Dallas.) After we had lunch and caught up, I went to the zoo for some quality shooting. I have never been to the zoo by myself before. Usually I have drug along other unsuspecting victims who had to put up with my obsessive need to stay at each cage until I get “the shot” I came for. After about 5 hours of shooting and luging around the 300mm with a monopod and a backpack full of lenses and other camera equipment, my feet were too tired to carry me anymore, and I had to call it quits. (That’s the bad thing about going to the zoo alone, I didn’t have my boyfriend to be my pack mule!) Anyway, as with my photo series of zoo animals last semester, I tried to capture the action, animals’ unique personalities and human-like emotions. I don’t think I was as successful as I was previously, but I still think I got a few decent shots.

I was truly as happy as a clam shooting today. I wish there was some way I could do this for a living–I’d never drag my feet getting up in the morning. Two of the things I love most are photography and animals, so wildlife photography works out perfectly for me! Anyway, here are some of the images that I liked the most out of the shoot. If you want to see all of the proofs from my shoot, you can visit my flickr slideshow, and there will be many more images for you to check out!

Click here for my Flickr Slideshow

Wedding and Location: Clauser and Pollak

For our Q-Flash assignment, I photographed my friends Jared Clauser, Haley Pollak, and their dog, Ellen. It was an interesting shoot–their dog did NOT want to sit still in a park filled with geese. Here are a few of the results. You can see all of the proofs by visiting my flickr website:

Flickr Slideshow

Stoli’s first Fall

It’s that time of year again–the temperatures are dropping, the trees are turning colors, and a little corgi is tearing around the yard eating mouthfuls of dead leaves. This is Stoli’s first Fall. He’ll be 18 weeks tomorrow. It seems his favorite new activity is to jump in piles of leaves and just go to town eating them. He loves when the wind blows and it kicks up the leaves. He chases after them and then rips them to shreds. I finally got some more recent shots of him this afternoon while we were playing outside. It was tough to get photos of him, because he’s going through his rebellious puppy stage and doesn’t want to listen on the first command. You can also see his adult teeth coming in. They seem to bee too big for his little mouth! Anyway, here are Stoli’s newest photos. Prepare yourself for the cuteness.

Studio? Not so much…

I’m taking intro to studio at the moment, and I am discovering that’s basically the opposite of everything I like about photography. I am currently in the media track at UCM, meaning I’m looking into doing photojournalism, nature photography, etc. Basically I REALLY don’t like having to construct a set, diagram out the lights, and take a meter reading 15,000 times before I can even begin to think about taking a picture. With media photography, I love capturing the action and shooting for that decisive moment. When nothing moves and is a lame inanimate object, I get really bored and frustrated very quickly. I definitely don’t like the technical light ratio stuff and all that mathematical jazz. Anyway, I seem to be struggling trying to figure it out. It’s seriously not my forte, but here are a couple images from my last shoot. The assignment was to light a tennis ball and then add props to make it interesting.

Update on Stoli

You may recall from previous posts that my boyfriend got a corgi puppy back in July. Well that puppy, Stoli, is going on 14 weeks now and I hadn’t posted any photos in a while. If you refer back to my old post (https://hhildrethphoto.wordpress.com/2010/08/06/meet-stoli-the-corgi/) you can tell he’s definitely grown. He can master the steps and has a LOT more energy now. We’re working on potty training, but he’s a little too smart for his own good. He rings a bell when he needs to go out, but he’s also figured out that if he rings it he can go outside to play, so he like to ring it all the time. We’re working on tricks as well. So far he knows sit, up, come, and shake. We’re try beg, down, roll over, and spin, but he’s not a fan of those and tends to not do so well with them. Anyway, here are a few shots with Stoli and the people who spoil him.

Wedding & Location: In-class Demo 2

We did an in-class demo of the Q-Flash today for Wedding and Location. I hadn’t done much shooting with it previously, so it was helpful to play around with it during class. We mostly stayed inside on the buildings around campus due to the rain all day. Here are a few examples from the shoot.