Wedding/Location Collages

We were required to make photo collages for my Wedding/Location class. Originally the professor and syllabus both said we need only do 2, but last week he changed it to 12. I have never done one before, so I had no idea how to do it, (and doing 12 was a lot harder to try and make each one unique).



Wedding/Location Assignment #4 – Location shoot with Q-Flash

For assignment #4 for our Wedding/Location class, I took the Q-Flash Kit home for Thanksgiving Break. One of my high school friends, Jordan Elenz, volunteered to model for me for the shoot. It was a balmy 23 degrees the day of the shoot, and once the sun set, the temperature dropped rapidly. I wasn’t exactly ready for such cold weather, seeing as it was mid-60’s when I left Missouri. Sometimes I can’t believe how much of a temperature difference there is between Central Missouri and Northeaster Iowa. Anyway, we mostly shot around the Waverly Civic Center and behind the “Big-Six” complex on Main Street along the Cedar River. I haven’t had much experience with the Q-Flash, but I knew that I wanted to do some twilight shooting to get dramatic colors. Here are some of the results. You can see more of the photos by visiting my Flickr Slideshow.

Flickr Slideshow