Update on Stoli

You may recall from previous posts that my boyfriend got a corgi puppy back in July. Well that puppy, Stoli, is going on 14 weeks now and I hadn’t posted any photos in a while. If you refer back to my old post (https://hhildrethphoto.wordpress.com/2010/08/06/meet-stoli-the-corgi/) you can tell he’s definitely grown. He can master the steps and has a LOT more energy now. We’re working on potty training, but he’s a little too smart for his own good. He rings a bell when he needs to go out, but he’s also figured out that if he rings it he can go outside to play, so he like to ring it all the time. We’re working on tricks as well. So far he knows sit, up, come, and shake. We’re try beg, down, roll over, and spin, but he’s not a fan of those and tends to not do so well with them. Anyway, here are a few shots with Stoli and the people who spoil him.