Holly Hildreth

Holly Hildreth creates humorous and memorable images of animals in their element. She captures her subjects at the decisive moment, delivering intimate, yet spontaneous moments that would otherwise go unnoticed. Through the use of dynamic colors, precise timing, and a mastery of light, Holly is committed to creating unique, quirky images that stand apart from the rest of the advertising and editorial worlds.

Holly Hildreth is recent graduate of the professional photography program at the University of Central Missouri, with a B.S. in Media and Commercial photography.

Holly specializes in animal portraiture, primarily dogs, for advertising and personal portrait uses. Holly’s work with animals really picked up in July of 2010 when she got a corgi puppy named Stoli. Stoli’s goofball personality photographed surprisingly well, and soon Holly was soon asking everyone she knew to bring their dog into the studio for a session.

Besides photographing animals, Holly pushes herself to have a diverse portfolio, shooting everything from small products, lifestyle portraits, and senior pictures, to nature and scenic work.

For more information, to inquire about pricing, or set up an appointment, please call or email.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Holly,

    Just stumbled onto your web site while looking for stone mansions. I don’t know what is it but I’m just mesmerized by your smile. Honestly natural and pure… No make-up. Gone out for a meeting and back on my desk and decided to compliment you. . I also think your work is quite good. None staged shots, which brings the pictures to life.
    Once again, I say good work and congratulations.


  2. Great photos! It’s been unusually hot this fall in Northern California and I was looking for some seasonal photos to get me headed in a Halloween state of mind. Thankfully, I found just what I was looking for on your blog.

    Exceptional work. Thank you for posting!

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