Inside, Outside, and Pumpkin pie

This week in Advanced Studio, our assignment was “indoor-outdoor” lighting. The premise of the assignment was for us to construct a scene that looks as if the image was taken outside. Simple enough. (Yea, right!)

For this assignment we were required to mix light sources–we needed to use both tungsten “hot lights” and flash units. To summarize in layman’s terms quickly, each light source puts off a different color of light. Our brains trick us into thinking all lights are “white” lights, when in reality, they are really far from it. The tungsten lights we had to use put off a warm orange color. (Tungsten bulbs are standard for home lamps and light fixtures.) Flash blubs, however, put off a more blue color. So, moral of the story: When you mix orange light with blue light, you get a funky lighting scenario, where the colors of the objects in the scene are very different from what they are supposed to be. So, to counteract this, we have to use color correction gels over the lights to balance them to in order to prevent strange coloration.  It’s more complicated than it sounds.

Anyway, I decided that I wanted to do a Fall setup for my scene. As most of my friends know, I am terrible at cooking. I have been really trying lately to learn how to be more domestic by cooking real meals that don’t come out of a box, but baking desserts is still beyond me. So on my way back to Missouri from Iowa this weekend, I stopped at a Perkin’s and bought a pumpkin pie.

This is my first attempt at food photography. I don’t think it turned out horribly, but I think I’ll stick to animals.

© Holly Hildreth 2011


© Holly Hildreth 2011


© Holly Hildreth 2011

2 thoughts on “Inside, Outside, and Pumpkin pie

  1. Congratulations, Holly! It’s almost like being promoted to sergeant!
    We admire your work–esp with that Corgi!

    Dan and Sue Curry

    • Aww, thanks! I have been pretty excited about all the shooting I have been doing recently. I have a couple more sessions lined up for this week. It’s been a while since I have had Stoli in the studio–maybe I need to arrange something, haha!

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