Good News, Everyone!

Hallmark has finally publicly announced it, so I can now pass it on to you guys:

One of my photographs won the International Hallmark Cards, “Love is a Funny Thing” contest.

So what does this mean? Well, I’m glad you asked! My winning card is for sale online now through their website. I got a nice check in the mail for being selected, which is awesome, because I’m hoping to buy a new lens in the now so painfully distant future. The card is meant for Valentine’s Day, and it will be on sale online from now until January. If it does well in the online store, then it will be printed and distributed to stores worldwide. So, that’s pretty sweet (not to mention if it goes on sale in stores, I get another check from Hallmark!)

Here’s a VERY small thumbnail preview of the card:

Holly Hildreth winning Hallmark Card Entry

All the cards will also feature a picture of Stoli and me on the back as well as a short bio about me, which you can preview with the card online now at the link below.

So, if you feel like helping out, like comedy, or know someone in your life that will need a Valentine’s Day card, check out my winning entry at: Hallmark’s Official Website






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