Curse of the Orange

After my last shoot’s disaster trying to find a bright background and coming up with only horribly disfigured reams of seamless paper, I did some searching to find a roll in good condition. I found a roll of red paper in the portrait studio, and after getting permission, I brought it up to the commercial studio to photograph Charlene Champions two miniature schnauzers. Well, once I got it into the light I learned that it was orange. Not just any orange, however. I NASTY fluorescent orange. I’m pretty sure you can see this ugly color from space. I went into the prop closet to try and find a better color, but my choices were black, white, grey, and the blue that I had already used for two other shoots. I was stuck with neon carrot for the day.

The shoot was tough. Apparently my work has been inspiring a couple of classmates to copy my ideas, and one of them came into the studio with a dog to try their had at what I do. They did not control their dog, so of course my models were all over the place, resulting in me not getting very many good images. All-in-all it’s a learning process to take one day at a time. Hopefully next time my immitators will be more courteous and respectful of the people who are already in the studio.

I am still having issues uploading photos here, so you’ll have to check out the work on my flickr.

Click HERE for flickr Slideshow of this shoot


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