Stoli’s Winter Wonderland

We got our first real snow here in Missouri on Saturday. We got about an inch, but had high winds, making it pretty nasty out. Luckily it has started to warm up and the snow is melting. Stoli wasn’t exactly sure what to think of the white stuff. When we let him out for the first time in the snow, he was startled. He started barking at the flakes and trying to bite them as they fell. One he realized he wasn’t going to die from a little snow, he started getting a bit more curious. He didn’t like the cold on his feet, so he would try to bounce from pile to pile of leaves in the yard while he figured out what this cold, wet stuff was. After a while, he decided he was done with the excitement so he went on the porch and whined to be let back inside. Throughout the rest of the night, Stoli would forget that it was still snowing. He would go ring his bell to be let out, dash out the door, and skid to a stop at the steps when he realized the snow was still there. The next day, however, the dog got brave. Stoli decided that he was the champion of tis wonderland, and he tore around the yard with his mouth open and head to the ground, scooping up snow. Now every time we let him out he has to run around and gobble up a ton of snow before he’s satisfied enough to go back inside. I didn’t get any shots of him playing around while we had the full amount of snow, because we had highs of 15 degrees with 30mph winds out of the north. Finally today I got a couple photos documenting his newest craze.


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