Low-Key Portraits, Hunt for Red October Style

For my Into to Studio class, we have to do low-key portraits. For those of you who may not know, a low-key portrait is a portrait where the scene is dominated by predominately dark tones and usually utilizes a dark background and dramatic lighting. For my portrait, I wanted to use my boyfriend, Andrew Curry, in his Halloween costume. Anyone who knows Andrew knows he has a few certain (quirky) loves. He’s a nut about history, Russia, Sean Connery, and “The Hunt for Red October”. So what a better costume for him than to go as Captain Ramius from “The Hunt for Red October”. Andrew ordered the costume from a Russian Military surplus store online. It took about two weeks to get here, and everything was written in Russian. It was really cool, seeing an address from the Ukraine on the box. The uniform was a legitimate Naval Captain’s uniform. It still had the chalk on the sleeves from being tailored to a soldier. The medals and pins that went on the jacket were worn and weathered from being used in the service. All in all, it was a really cool costume.  Anyway, I was inspired by a few smoking portraits that I had seen using the low-key style, so I asked Andrew if he would smoke a cigar for me in the studio. Andrew is not a smoker, but he was a good sport and bought some Swisher Sweets for my shoot. We shot for a while in the studio, but I eventually started coughing and had to call it quits. I could never date a smoker–I had a hard enough time getting through a 2 hour shoot alive, haha! Anyway, here is Andrew Curry (scratch that, Sean Connery as Captain Ramius)!



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