Kansas City Zoo Revisited

Last year I visited the Kansas City Zoo with my camera a few times, but I hadn’t been back in ages. I had been trying to get back for about a month, but every weekend something came up. Either the weather wouldn’t cooperate, I couldn’t get the 300mm lens checked out from the school, or I was sick. Finally this weekend I had the opportunity. I went up to Liberty to meet my family for lunch. (They were on their way back from my cousin’s wedding in Dallas.) After we had lunch and caught up, I went to the zoo for some quality shooting. I have never been to the zoo by myself before. Usually I have drug along other unsuspecting victims who had to put up with my obsessive need to stay at each cage until I get “the shot” I came for. After about 5 hours of shooting and luging around the 300mm with a monopod and a backpack full of lenses and other camera equipment, my feet were too tired to carry me anymore, and I had to call it quits. (That’s the bad thing about going to the zoo alone, I didn’t have my boyfriend to be my pack mule!) Anyway, as with my photo series of zoo animals last semester, I tried to capture the action, animals’ unique personalities and human-like emotions. I don’t think I was as successful as I was previously, but I still think I got a few decent shots.

I was truly as happy as a clam shooting today. I wish there was some way I could do this for a living–I’d never drag my feet getting up in the morning. Two of the things I love most are photography and animals, so wildlife photography works out perfectly for me! Anyway, here are some of the images that I liked the most out of the shoot. If you want to see all of the proofs from my shoot, you can visit my flickr slideshow, and there will be many more images for you to check out!

Click here for my Flickr Slideshow


7 thoughts on “Kansas City Zoo Revisited

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