Stoli’s first Fall

It’s that time of year again–the temperatures are dropping, the trees are turning colors, and a little corgi is tearing around the yard eating mouthfuls of dead leaves. This is Stoli’s first Fall. He’ll be 18 weeks tomorrow. It seems his favorite new activity is to jump in piles of leaves and just go to town eating them. He loves when the wind blows and it kicks up the leaves. He chases after them and then rips them to shreds. I finally got some more recent shots of him this afternoon while we were playing outside. It was tough to get photos of him, because he’s going through his rebellious puppy stage and doesn’t want to listen on the first command. You can also see his adult teeth coming in. They seem to bee too big for his little mouth! Anyway, here are Stoli’s newest photos. Prepare yourself for the cuteness.

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