Stoli Update

I haven’t updated on Stoli in quite some time! The little guy is now almost 18 weeks old. He’s finally got all his puppy vaccinations, and is now looking to get neutered in the next week or so…Well he’s not looking forward to it, we are! When we took him to the vet he weighed 10 lbs and has put on weight since then (it’s been almost 2 weeks.) He’s such a lap dog and a mama’s boy. It doesn’t matter who’s holding him, if I’m in the room he feels like he needs to be right by my side. He gets jealous when I pay more attention to Andrew than I do to him. He seems to think that I should only be able to love one guy. I haven’t done any shoots with him recently, but I did snap a couple shots of him last night. I’m including a couple shots I did with him playing with Charlene’s Do, Monty. I’m planning on doing a shoot with him soon now that the leaves are finally turning colors. Anyway, here’s your fix of cuteness to get you through the day.



2 thoughts on “Stoli Update

  1. I really really want the picture of Stoli and Monty eskimo-ish kissing. It is heart breakingly adorable. I hope they can be best puppy friends FOREVER!. 🙂

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