Studio? Not so much…

I’m taking intro to studio at the moment, and I am discovering that’s basically the opposite of everything I like about photography. I am currently in the media track at UCM, meaning I’m looking into doing photojournalism, nature photography, etc. Basically I REALLY don’t like having to construct a set, diagram out the lights, and take a meter reading 15,000 times before I can even begin to think about taking a picture. With media photography, I love capturing the action and shooting for that decisive moment. When nothing moves and is a lame inanimate object, I get really bored and frustrated very quickly. I definitely don’t like the technical light ratio stuff and all that mathematical jazz. Anyway, I seem to be struggling trying to figure it out. It’s seriously not my forte, but here are a couple images from my last shoot. The assignment was to light a tennis ball and then add props to make it interesting.


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